Timber Finishes

There are many ways to finish your timber product, the most popular are:

Polishing: Spraying the timber with a polyurethane varnish which is transparent in colour. This is non toxic and gives a tough finish after it is cured. Polishing makes the timber water resistant and brings out a darker/richer colour in the timber. One application needed.

Oiling: Oiling with products such as Linseed oil or Tung oil will make the product water resistant, however it will need frequent applications and over time all oiled timbers will become darker and lose their original colour. Oiling is not recommended for bench tops as generally only one side is accessible and adding moisture to one only one side can cause the timber to cup or bow.

Staining: Many timbers can be stained using a wood stain, this will change the colour of the timber but leave the grain patterns unaffected. The success of staining will depend on the porosity of the timber; pine is mainly used for staining as it is a soft wood with a light colour. Only one application will be needed if it is followed by polishing.

Lime Wash: Lime wash is a slake lime in water, slaked lime is substance used in white wash which produces a similar effect effect. Lime wash is painted on and cured through a reaction with the carbon dioxide in the air to produce calcium carbonate. Lime wash will give the timber a white colour whilst retaining the grain of the timber.

Painting: Timber can be painted to any number of colours or finishes; however painting timber can cause a number of issues. Firstly timber expands and contracts during the seasons and a layer of paint will crack and split along joins, particularly between the panel and frame on timber doors. Secondly painting timber disguises all natural elements of timber such as the colour and grain pattern. It is recommended for painted items to use a man made product such as MDF which will give a smooth base with no movement as well as being a more cost effective product.


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