Timbers and Veneers

Even with today’s technology and space age materials, timber is still regarded as the most prestigious material for all furniture.

No man-made process can duplicate the natural variations in colour and texture that makes timbers stand apart.

There are however, some situations where even timber may not be suitable:

  • If you wish to achieve uniformity of colour.
  • If you want a fault free material.
  • If you want a material unaffected by the climate.

If any of these apply then timber is not for you.

Timber can vary massively in colour and does not conform to a colour chart. It can have tones of red, black, brown, gray, white, blue or green even within one length of timber.

Timber is not fault free, it can have knot holes, burls, gum vein and the grain can vary considerably.

Timber is affected by the climate. It expands in moist situations and contracts in dry conditions.

Why buy timber?

The colour and texture variations are what make timber stand apart. It is not laminate and had its own character.

The quality control and standards maintained by our company ensure that only the best timber is used.

Doors are designed to allow for seasonal movement and the ageless charm of timber will add value and enjoyment to your home.

Timber will never go out of style.


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